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    Note: Starting in June, we will be closing at 1:00PM on Friday

    To contact us, please call:
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    In an emergency, please contact:
    Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital, Plains, PA
    (570) 208-8877


    Animal Emergency Center, Watsontown, PA
    (570) 742-7400


    Rossmoyne Animal Emergency and Trauma Center, Mechanicsburg, PA
    (717) 796-2334


    Focused sound waves at very high frequencies are passed through the body for the purpose of determining the location, size and type of tissues in question.

    The patient is placed on a table, the area of interest is shaved and a special gel is applied. An ultrasound probe is placed on the area and images are transferred to a computer screen. Ultrasound is used as an aid identifying tumors, diagnosing pregnancy, monitoring kidney and liver disease, and is routinely used to identify small bladders for the purpose of collecting urine by cystocentesis.

    Risks to the patient are minimal, neither general anesthesia nor sedation are required.