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    Treat every client as though they were family and every pet as though they were our own.

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    Note: Starting in June, we will be closing at 1:00PM on Friday

    To contact us, please call:
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    In an emergency, please contact:
    Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital, Plains, PA
    (570) 208-8877


    Animal Emergency Center, Watsontown, PA
    (570) 742-7400


    Rossmoyne Animal Emergency and Trauma Center, Mechanicsburg, PA
    (717) 796-2334

  • ECG

    ECG stands for electrocardiogram, which is a non-invasive technique to monitor cardiac function. Probes are placed on various parts of the body which record electric impulses that pass through the body. These recordings allow the clinician to interpret certain conditions of the heart. The ECG is a useful tool in evaluating heart disease associated with arrhythmias. ECG is also used during surgery here at Line Mountain Animal Hospital to monitor the patient's pain, stress and anesthetic depth.

    Some other important indications for performing an ECG are:

    • Monitoring heart rate (tachycardia, bradycardia, and arrhythmias)
    • Difficulty breathing (dyspnea) or cyanosis (lack of oxygen)
    • Fainting or seizures
    • Enlarged heart profile as seen with a radiograph (x-ray)
    • Preoperatively in animals at increased risk for surgery
    • Evaluating the effect of cardiac drugs
    • Various metabolic diseases that change electrolyte balances