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    Treat every client as though they were family and every pet as though they were our own.

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    4270 State Rt2 147 & 225
    Herndon, PA

    Our office hours are:
    Monday: 8am - 7pm
    Tuesday: 8am - 5pm
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    Saturday, Sunday: Closed

    Note: Starting in June, we will be closing at 1:00PM on Friday

    To contact us, please call:
    (570) 758-5130

    In an emergency, please contact:
    Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital, Plains, PA
    (570) 208-8877


    Animal Emergency Center, Watsontown, PA
    (570) 742-7400


    Rossmoyne Animal Emergency and Trauma Center, Mechanicsburg, PA
    (717) 796-2334


    Allergy testing is a procedure used to determine what factors are contributing to a specific allergic response. Allergy testing may be used to confirm a tentative diagnosis of skin disease but more importantly to help identify the offending allergens, usually when a skin condition becomes chronic and does not respond to antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and topical treatments.

    Risks - The allergy test we currently employ is a blood test. The blood is sent to an outside laboratory for testing. This can be done for environmental and/or food allergies.